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“Mimi is a natural talent at parent coaching. Not only is she a deeply compassionate and sympathetic parent herself who really “gets it” on a personal experience level, but also, she is an incredible guide who can navigate any parent on any issue from a place of anger and frustration, to a place of understanding and loving connection. Mimi has been profoundly helpful to me regarding my relationship with my two young boys. I would trust her with any issue and am always amazed at her keen intuition and ability to guide me to a higher ground.”
          - K. in San Francisco
“As a father, I have struggled to parent my children with kindness and unconditional love. For years, I tried to control them and judged them, often unfairly. Mimi helped me to better understand why kids act out and melt down and how they are expressing their needs and frustrations. And she provided tools and strategies to respond to these outbursts and melt downs in a more empathetic and supportive fashion. There is no question that her approach and recommendations has made a difference. I greatly appreciate the time and counsel that Mimi has provided. Mimi is outstanding.”
          - S. in Denver
“I had the privilege to work closely with Mimi, and her skills as a Peaceful Parenting Coach are exemplary. Mimi is filled with passion in helping create deeper, more connected relationships with her children, and swells with excitement in uncovering the genuine paradigm shift that is possible for all parents. Enjoy working with her as you will be on the road to long lasting connection with your children!”
          - L. in Oregon
“Peaceful Parenting opened my eyes to a truly alternative way of parenting. It stimulated “out of the box” thinking, clarified my parenting goals, and provided me with the support and tools needed to create moments of connection with my kids. I only wish I had learned about the philosophies earlier.”
          - J. in Denver
“Mimi brings a warmth and caring to each and every call I’ve had with her. She is a terrific listener and has great insight and wisdom to share with all parents who are struggling with some aspect of parenting. Mimi’s genuine passion and commitment to helping parents positively change the lives of their family is at the heart of all her work and will no doubt bring about closer relationships, better communication and a deeper understanding of, and respect for, each and every family member.”
          - G. in South Africa
“The opportunity to work with Mimi as a parenting coach has dramatically changed for the better the way we view our role of parenting in our home.  There is less tension and arguing, and more joy. Mimi’s style of coaching is professional but comfortable, non judgmental, empathetic, and fun. I highly recommend this course for anyone looking for a positive change in their parenting and homes.”
          - S. in Denver
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