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Upon hearing the words "peaceful" and "parenting" together, some people respond with skepticism. 

This “Peaceful Parenting” thing? “Impossible,” they say. “How can you be peaceful with an eye-rolling teenager, a sassy preteen or a wailing toddler?”

“Children simply need to do what they are told, without discussion. It’s my house, my rules, my way or the highway, and what I say goes. You don’t have to like it; you just have to do it.” 

Sound familiar? Are you happy with the results you're getting?  

Do you feel frustrated or even helpless, like your kids are constantly pushing your buttons? Are you angry, more than you ever knew was possible?

Are you ready for a change? Are you curious? Would you like to experience limits and respect, natural cooperation, playfulness and joy as a natural part of lasting and loving relationships with your children? You can, and you will enjoy parenting again. 

The Peaceful Parenting

Peaceful Parenting is possible. Peaceful Parenting has been proven by the experience of thousands of parents (including myself!) and the latest brain science research. My Peaceful Parenting clients often describe the transformation like this:

Magical • Easier than you think  Beautiful • Finally


Peaceful Parenting provides you with a toolkit to nurture a close, connected relationship with your children. As you embrace the Peaceful Parenting language of connection, empathy, feelings and needs, your relationship with your child is strengthened and transformed. 

Behavioral shifts begin to happen naturally. Motivation comes from within and a new spirit of cooperation is forged. There is no more yelling, no more shaming, no more blaming and no more punishments. 

When your head hits the pillow at night... well ... you finally feel good about your parenting.

Not only will your relationship with your child improve, but relationships within your entire family will be transformed. Peaceful Parenting is not impossible. It’s real and it’s beautiful.



Mimi Pomeranz earned her Certificate in Parenting Coaching from the Jai Institute for Parenting. She meets with clients individually, in small groups and teaches classes. Mimi also works virtually with clients from across the country and around the world.

Mimi has worked with parents of children of all ages in a variety of settings, helping them to achieve deeper connections with their children and inspire natural cooperation, intrinsic motivation, and loving relationships.

Mimi and her husband, Alan, are the imperfect, yet peaceful, parents of three beautiful and lively daughters. In her free time, Mimi is an avid tennis player, yogi, and skier.



Mimi Pomeranz, M.A.

Certified Parenting Coach

MSP Peaceful Parenting Coaching

Tel: 303 - 941 - 9546


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"Mimi has been profoundly helpful to me regarding my relationship with my two young boys. I would trust her with any issue and am always amazed at her keen intuition and ability to guide me to a higher ground."
K. in San Francisco
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